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Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) are appointed by the federal government and render decisions on Social Security disability claims at the hearings level.

ALJs must follow the law when making determinations following a hearing with a claimant. In deciding on whether to find a claimant disabled, they must consider all objective medical evidence along with the following types of evidence:

  • Claimant’s work history

  • Claimant’s past statements to doctors or to SSA

  • Claimant’s testimony during the hearing

  • Third party statements concerning claimant

  • Any information about claimant which may be public record

Judges review medical and non-medical evidence to make judgments as to the claimant’s capacity for work. These judgments are then used to create hypothetical scenarios for a vocational expert (VE) to testify as to whether any jobs exist in the national economy that the claimant could handle. Judges then base their written decision on the totality of the evidence when ruling Favorable or Unfavorable.

In Arizona, there are 3 locations that conduct hearings.

These locations are called Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR).
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