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Jeffrey R. Herman, Esq.

Jeffrey Herman was first exposed to Social Security Disability law roughly 12 years ago when he began to work in his father’s SSD law practice. There, Jeffrey sat in on a great number of client consultations and studied the various procedural requirements, forms, and supporting evidence for social security disability claims. In 2013, Jeffrey opened a law practice of his own where he concentrates in Social Security Disability law. With a bachelor’s degree in English, Jeffrey pride’s himself on his persuasive writing abilities which he uses to win appeals for his Social Security Disability clients.

“The key to overturning denied claims lies heavily in writing persuasive briefs. Using colorful language to artfully describe a wrongfully denied applicant’s disability is critical in swaying the fact finder that substantial gainful employment cannot be held due to a disability or condition that would inhibit any reasonable person from being able to work.”

Jeffrey is extremely passionate about Social Security Disability Law. Let our collective 35+ years of passion and experience in Social Security Disability law work for you. There is absolutely no risk. We only get paid when you get paid, and there is no charge for a case assessment.

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